About us

About us
**Monday Night Mash** Good Vibes Only…Or Else**

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About us

This is a group ride that meets at UM Metro station every Monday night at 8:00 PM. Pedals up at 8:30 PM SHARP. Be prepared to cycle 22-30 miles in distance at a brisk pace (16-18 mph). Routes will vary. Bring your lights, tires, and spares. Read the rules below and….

“Good Vibes Only…or Else”

* Follow the lead – there is one designated lead at this time, Kiko. Please allow him to lead by listening and paying attention to what is happening. Sarah Raw & Walter Duarte can assist if you need additional guidance for this ride. Please reach out accordingly if you have any questions or special needs, stay close to them until you are comfortable with the ride.
* Do not go in front of the leader- those who consistently disobey the lead & endanger the group’s well being will be asked to leave immediately. No exceptions.
* Do not call out instructions unless asked to. This creates confusion and diminishes the well being and safety of the group.
*There will be areas for sprinting, they will be announced by the lead – if you are familiar with the route, you can use your best judgement but unless announced, we are not responsible for you once you leave the group. Routes are subject to change as needed.
*Please stay in lane. Please do not crowd the front and spread beyond the lane that the leader is in.
*If you fall or need help, be sure to shout “Man Down” – No Man Left Behind

**We hope to bring one event every quarter at a local venue for us to get together off bikes in a chill environment. We love biking, but we love the camaraderie even more. Stay tuned.

**If you are a vendor and interested in collaborating, please contact Sarah Raw at RideOn@MondayNightMash.com